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Official Dischoops® Frisbees®


*The 82e was Wham-O's flagship mold through the 80's until the Discraft Ultrastar eventually won out as the Ultimate player's disc of choice (since the Deathstar is more of a power/distance disc).  These Discs are printed with '165G' but that is just for the retro look.  The plastic is a bit more dense than the old school discs and so these weigh closer to 175G.    While the 82e mold is also more than adequate as a power/distance disc, it is a superior finesse disc and therefore is well suited for Dischoops.  The 82E Frisbee was selected as the official disc for Dischoops solely due to it's superiority.



Wham-O 82e mold* $10.00

(plus S&H)

1) Black/Midnight Blue Holographic














2) Red/Gold















3) Blue/Silver
















4) Metallic Blue/Navy















5) Red/Black (out of stock)















6) Blue/Black (out of stock)