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Ultimate Philosophy

When you look at the game of Ultimate Frisbee on the field, it looks a lot like football.  The pitch is a large rectangular playing surface on turf, with endzones where goals are scored at the end of each direction.

However, if you put this visual out of your sight and look at the rule book, the game looks significantly more like basketball than it does football.  Instead of a downs-based sport like football is (4 downs to move the ball 10 yards downfield), the game of ultimate utilizes a possession based paradigm like basketball does.  You're not allowed to travel, you have to set a pivot foot and the moment there is a turnover, possession reverts to the opposing team and play continues unabated.

Therefore, the traditional paradigm that the game of ultimate frisbee is played by (which is predominantly footballesque) is highly inappropriate for a possession oriented game.  As a result, deploying football oriented philosophies in ultimate results in a style of play that is highly inefficient, lopsided, selfish and mechanically unsound.

The proper philosophy to implement and incorporate into your ultimate frisbee mindset is one much more closely akin to basketball.  When you integrate dribbling into your game, become a master at the triple threat principle, focus more on making the players around you better rather than scoring and generate a much more balanced attack then you automatically will become a dominant, unstoppable player.

Conventional ultimate is unbalanced, selfish and fundamentally unsound.  This is not opinion, conjecture or supposition.  This is a fact.